RICO Lift Trucks

Material Handling Redefined

When the application is unique — you need a company capable of out-of-the ordinary solutions. You need a team of experts to understand and develop a solution for your toughest challenges. You need innovative solutions in material handling.

RICO delivers. We are a leading manufacturer of engineered material handling equipment and and custom built ‘E’, ‘EE-spark enclosed’ and ‘EX-explosion-proof’ lift trucks. Since 1984, RICO has redefined the ordinary. We design, develop and manufacture Specialty Lift Trucks capable of handling materials in the most demanding applications — with capacities ranging from 1,000 to more than 400,000 pounds.

That’s why you’ll see RICO specialty lift trucks around the globe, solving complex material handling challenges in a range of industries, including industrial, commercial, automotive and military markets. RICO helps you control cost, reduce lead time and see rapid return on your investment – because more than 98% of our work is performed in-house. From design to fabrication to assembly, RICO is simply one of the most self-sufficient companies in this industry.

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