8:12 Illumination 

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8:12 Illumination exists to supply safe, non-glare lighting solutions for construction, road work, police, EMS, firefighting and event lighting. Our ‘balloon-style” lights are offered in a variety of configurations to increase visibility as a standalone unit or mounted on a truck or application specific piece of equipment. Offered in 1000W & 4000W ‘HID’ retrofit designs, 1000 & 2000 watt Halogen for inside or outside residential/ commercial sites, 200W & 400W LED configurations and the exclusive NIGHTSHIFT; ‘light in a case’ portable light, 8:12 Illumination products are modular in design for quick on-site repair, are manufactured of heavy duty aluminum and offer standard benefits to withstand most environments, Optional tripod, pyramid base and machine mounts as well as a 13 foot generator mount are available.

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8:12 Illumination

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